A tale of ideation, animation, and inspiration.

Our core value stems from the heart of creativity; igniting inspiration. From inception, we’ve perfected our expertise in creating high value and extremely entertaining animations. The beauty of our work is in the value portrayed in each masterpiece. If you’re looking to inspire, inform, educate, and uplift through animation, you’ve come to the right place.


We Breathe Creativity.

As a team of dedicated experts, we are focused on visualizing and animating your ideas to inspire.

Whether your goal is awareness, entertainment, expanding your brand or educating the masses, we’ve got you covered. From idea conception to final production, we incorporate a magical touch to amplify even the smallest intention. Most importantly, we emphasize on quality animations with a touch of value.


Recent Partnerships

Boney Bone Studios collaborates with companies, nonprofits, governments, digital agencies, production houses, prominent brands, and influencers globally to address complex topics via animations and comics.

We are proud and grateful for our longstanding affiliation and
recent collaborations these partners:

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“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

We are always on the hunt for fruitful collaborations and partnerships. We love to partner with ad agencies, production houses, prominent brands, game studios, and publishers globally to create sensational animations and influential pieces.

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Our Skills

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Animations speak volumes. By offering a diverse range of services, we meet the core of your creative needs.

If you aim to animate your ideas into thought-provoking, informative, and captivating content, look no further! We harbor renowned specialists in 2D animation, production, storyboarding, key animatics, and motion graphics. We also produce animations across various range of industries.

2D Animation & Production

Highly creative and passionate team ready to plan, produce and deliver high quality 2D animation for TV, Web or mobile.

Story boarding & Key animation

Need a unique and fast-paced kinetic action to be in your awesome animation series? We offer storyboarding and key-animation services to make your product stand out!

Motion Graphics

We can deliver complete 2D animation product, the cost varies by various factors such as quality, duration and design.

How We Work.

We take a hands-on approach to bring life to your ideas.

It means getting right in the thick of things with you from the get-go. Our in-house experts have extensive experience from strategy formulation up till production. We also cover pre-production tasks like concept and character design, to storyboards and key animatics, and final turn-key production of motion graphics and commercial animation.

Case Study

MISI The Series

Igniting Inspiration and Channeling Change in our Youth Today.

The youth of today are increasingly uninterested in the traditional education system. This is coming up especially with the rise of the visual era. There is more captivating content on social sites and comics. To try and create a balance on the type of content being consumed today, we have collaborated with major institutions to create engaging content and increase awareness on uptake of education, character building, career choices, health, and instrumental life skills.

We are deeply concerned about the wellbeing of our future leaders and thus pioneered a comic series directed towards driving these principles in an entertaining way. Creating awareness on the importance of healthy eating habbits, keeping active, and choosing an appropriate career path is key to drive more conversations on this among our youth.

Over the past ten years, we have published comics currently being distributed in primary and secondary schools throughout Malaysia. If you haven’t already grabbed yourself a copy of the MISI comic series, you are seriously missing out! MISI has been on the market for 9-years, creating and providing best-selling education and motivational content for over 100,000 avid followers.

Kapten Kozar the Series

An epic journey to save the Earth from destruction.

In support of the Sustainable Development Goals launched by the United Nations in 2016, we captured the opportunity to increase awareness not only on a global level but locally too. Ultimately, change begins with you and me. We took on the challenge to create relatable characters and portray narratives closer to home.

Captain Cozar is a thrilling upcoming comic series and animation that portrays an in-depth perspective on the global environmental challenge we face. It focuses on international issues related to global warming, environmental degradation, and climate change. By bringing these global issues to a domestic level and focusing on what is most important, we manage to engage the locals at a more personal level.

For this project, we are collaborating with a group of reputed environmentalists, including Ridha Razak, who is one of the key environmental advocates in the architectural industry. The main objective is to sow the seed of eco-friendly practices among our children, by developing moral-based animations and comic series that are relevant, entertaining and visually captivating.


Adventures in the world of Ayalam!

Nowadays animation is often produced by creating assets and reusing it with tools. We are proud of our Hand-Drawn Key Animations. We believe, that this is the best way to talk to our audience; from one soul to another. We strive to portray important traits that can easily be ignored with the hustle and bustle of life today. As our world today quickly evolves and becomes even more fast-paced, it’s so easy to overlook the basic foundations to a fruitful community; friendship, unity, and determination.

ABE is an animation series, which shows us the great value of friendship, that even on the hard times you can count on your friend’s help. It represents the great value of unity and how it helps in fighting much bigger issues and problems in life. The animation series also focusses on the great value of determination; when you focus all your strength and energy, you can achieve your goals.

Abe embarks on an unsuspecting epic journey to the Grounds Below, together with his companions, Ming, Pami and IronMek, battling their way to free Ayalam Town from the threat of Hitam!


The Beauty of

As with every creative mind, a sense of belonging and balance is mandatory to keep us motivated and refreshed.

At Boney Bone Studios, we don’t just follow the corporate norms and restrict our employees to the status quo. Allow us to rephrase that, we do not restrict our family to the status quo. We consider ourselves a close-knit force working together to achieve the same goal; Inspiring the community and world at large. As they say, charity begins at home. We have adopted a culture of inclusivity and acceptance, where every idea, each suggestion, and every employee is valued deeply. Regardless of status or background, each opinion is a crucial part of our foundation.

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Producer/Production Manager
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